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Allison Sciulla  

Allison Sciulla is an author, comic, musician and multimedia artist. Her debut book, “You’re Probably A Slut” ranked #11 in iTunes Top humor books. Her follow up books, “And Then I Shit My Pants” and “Anna Likes Anal” have definitely stirred some controversy. But controversy is no stranger to Sciulla. Her live stage show features antics that would embarrass a
Van Nuys stripper.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Allison performs stand up comedy in surrounding areas and tours with other comedians all across the U.S. She has recently released a solo music album called “Wholesome” with a companion DVD entitled “Some Hole”. Allison is also the lead singer and bassist for the band Zoccola.

Raised in an Italian household, Allison was brought up to be very verbally and physically expressive; tools that prove to be invaluable in her quest to be the loudest, most obnoxious person in any given room. She is currently working on her fifth book and proving to the world that feeling shameful is a shame.